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Monday, January 12, 2015

Meet Michele: Former drug dealer, ex-con, and Conservative

Meet Michele. She’s a 40-year old black female, two kids deep, a former drug dealer, ex-con, and Conservative.

Michele is a strong woman, the result of being on her own since she was nine. Yes, you read that right.

Michele’s mother was a drug addicted prostitute and her step-father (term used loosely) was her mother’s pimp and a coke dealer. Michele’s mother walked away from her at the hospital, a situation that landed Michele in foster care.



Editor's note: We have posted a few of Michele's videos.  If you search youtube for 'Honestly Speaking' you can view the rest.  


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what we're supposed to get from this.

Is it that this black woman has an opinion that somewhat goes along with conservative America on black people so therefore all black people should follow her path?

So lets see, she was a coke dealer and as such at one point would have been labeled just as many black youth are today as ghetto trash and now that shes not shes a poster child for "black conservatism"?

Anonymous said...

Talk about taking the moral high ground. If you read the story, you heard of where she comes from. It was the life she was born into. That being said, most people change greatly in attitide and life view from the age of 20 to 40. I highly doubt she would want people to "follow her path". Quite likely the opposite. I don't see anything about her being a "poster child for black conservatism", but what I do see is someone who's willing to stand up and speak out, and show people in that community that they can be much more than they believe. Would you rather she say nothing at all?

Anonymous said...

I respect this woman for who she made herself after being born to a life of misery.

Anonymous said...

I'm a white man who grew up in the projects. I have a much more "young black male" outlook on life. I'm 35 now and my view hasn't changed much. I will still do whatever it takes to get ahead and I dislike authoritarians dictating to me how to get there. Especially when they turn a blind eye to the corruption of those who hide behind the law.

Would you give the same reverence to my point of view if I made a video telling other whites how bad the police were?

Of course not. I'd be disregarded.

So if this woman, which represents a very minority point of view within the black community is revered, what would be the difference?

That question is rhetorical.

The difference would be my display wouldn't fit the narrative where hers does.

The narrative is that young black males should fault themselves for white cops being trigger happy and all to quick to kill them.
And that no matter how many times they are killed unjustly and find no reprieve within the court system they should forget and forgive.