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Monday, January 12, 2015

Muslim Leader Outrage: Genuine or Taqiyya?

As I write this article, France is set to hold a massive vigil for the 17 innocent victims killed in the recent spate of Muslim terror attacks that have paralyzed the country and shocked the Western world. The Jewish community of France has especially suffered, sustaining fatalities very disproportionate to their small numbers.

Just prior to the Charlie Hebdo and related attacks, France was hit with three separate acts of Muslim terror which barely garnered any attention. Two involved car attacks (similar to those committed by Palestinian Muslims in Jerusalem) and a third was a knife attack against French soldiers. All of the perpetrators were Muslims and in at least two of the attacks, the culprits invoked the Muslim battle cry of Allahu akbar. Yet cowardly French leaders chose to ignore the obvious signs, stuck their collective heads in the sand and attributed the incidents to uncoordinated “lone wolves” and “mental illness.”

France, through indifference and cognitive dissonance, has allowed its radicalized Muslim citizens to run amok and engage in an orgy of violence, anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism. It has allowed a cancerous malignancy to fester and metastasize to the point where it is now nearly uncontrollable.



Anonymous said...

Abbas is a low life terroist, an excellent example of taqiyya. His sorry butt should have never been allowed in Paris. This is an example of why France is already defeated.

Anonymous said...

So lets see, if muslims don't speak out its supporting the extremist. If muslims do speak out its deception.

Heres a funny fact for you. The Israeli flag, you know the blue and white one with the "star of david".

Well there is no such thing as "the star of david". Its called a hexagram.

The hexagram is a unique symbol.

Its composed of 6 lines and 6 points which create 6 triangles.

666. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

3:03 Anti Jew fool, repent, the real God will have mercy on your sorry soul.

Anonymous said...

7:24, good for you. The world is too full of anti-Semites as it is, and 3:03 is one of them.