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Monday, January 12, 2015

NYPD issued no tickets during New Year's Eve million-strong gathering

NYPD issued no tickets during New Year’s Eve million-strong gathering

A fascinating, perhaps terrifying, experiment is underway in New York City as rank-and-file cops are giving Mayor de Blasio what he asked for – and more. Having been accused of overzealousness in enforcing the laws and actively seeking-out lawbreakers with stop-and-frisk and broken windows theory enforcement against petty crimes, the NYPD is now a virtual work-to-rule campaign, doing only what is required.

The most startling datum is the news that during the entire week of the massive New Year’s Eve celebrations in Times Square, no tickets at all were issued in the Times Square precinct. No parking violations, no drunk and disorderly citations, nada. Aside from the open city signal this sent, it also deprived the municipal coffers of considerable revenue. One of the dirty little secrets of American governance is the degree to which law enforcement (and regulatory enforcement as well) has become a source of revenue. The cops are telling the mayor in effect that he is going to pay for his anti-police stance.

But the action, if it continues, will be a test of the broken window s theory, one which has been regarded as near-gospel, thanks to the stunning improvement in crime experienced by New York City and elsewhere once the theory, originally expounded by James Q. Wilson, was implemented.



Anonymous said...

That's because they are afraid to do their jobs now. Crime is increasing all over the country because cops are afraid to do their jobs. It's a fact now.

Anonymous said...

And they Mare is a name changer. Get a bad rap with one name just change it

Anonymous said...

NY get no sympathy from me ...this is what you get and deserve for electing a libtarded idiot marxist

Anonymous said...

As always.... money talks...BS walks.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be a crisis all over America . The American citizens better arm themselves. I see more and more law officers shutting down. There are a few new guys still pushing but any cop with time on the road is sitting and only handling calls.

I wish I could disgree with this. Joe I think these senior cops are sending a message to their the commanders as well. These men and women are hanging out to dry.

I will say this for the Sheriff of Wicomico County. He has his men and womens back when it comes to fighting crime. He supports any deputy who is out there working. With that said are you cry baby liberals you better learn to defend yourself. Be a martyr is not a good idea libtards.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that cops don't get vacation or sick days until they start writing tickets? It sounds to me like a quota system has been in place!

New York hasn't fallen apart, even with arrests and tickets down nearly 80%, after the police claimed they wouldn't ticket unless it was "absolutely necessary." The city hasn't fallen apart yet, and the cops are validating that their actions are unjust, unreasonable, and unnecessary.

Later, we'll see the city squirm because of the lost revenue. It will be come all too apparent that it's really all about revenue generation.