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Sunday, January 18, 2015


With all of the talk over the last couple of years about Obamacare putting businesses in a difficult position and lowering their employee hours down to 30 hours a week, I've come up with what I feel is a proactive way to resolve this problem. 


Since this is clearly the way of the future, why not force Obama into showing his commitment towards "We The People". 

Let's say you get 30 hours at one job and 20 hours on the 2nd. Whichever is lower, you pay no taxes. Not Federal, not state, no medicaid, not Social Security and no local/municipal. 

It's clean cut and only fair on the hard working Americans who are truly trying to survive without asking for government assistance. I have forwarded this information to our legislators, all the way up to the Governors Office. 

What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me, but remember we live in Maryland and they are all about tax and spend.

Anonymous said...

Great idea but the lazy slobs don't want to work ask IRETON.

Anonymous said...

why not just reject obamacare and obama and the tax and spend democrats?

Anonymous said...

9:45 - we did that....they're still here!

Anonymous said...

Dumb idea. Why should someone who works a 50-hour-a-week job have to pay taxes, but someone who works 2 20-hour-a-week jobs get exempt from half their taxes?

All this would do is encourage the death of full-time work.

JoeAlbero said...

9:55, Really, dumb, eh? Well I'm happy to hear YOU have a 50 hour a week job. Perhaps you should thank your lucky stars that you do because the majority of Americans do not.

Nothing would change for you. Your life is secure because you have a secure job. However, for those who do not, I guess you'd rather they collect unemployment, disability, food stamps, welfare, affordable housing and so forth.

No, see, I'd rather we ENCOURAGE people to get OFF the public assistance so YOUR taxes go down, NOT UP.

See, there's a massive difference between LIBERAL thinking and Conservative thinking.

Anonymous said...

Usually an employer who makes you work 50 hrs is only really paying you for 40.

I can not believe that companies still pull this crap with 45-50 hr a week jobs

Anonymous said...

Why it will not work is because you can not find jobs that will coincide in a timely fashion.

One job will have to be during the day and the other will be during the night. Quite honestly it is exhausting.

Most 30 hr a week jobs want you there M-F and suck up the majority of your prime working time.

Or they put you on a flexible schedule and you end up losing the 2nd job.

The employers do not give 2 turds about you, your finances or other jobs. All they care about is themselves. And until employers ignorant mentality changes, people will continue to be abused, overworked underpaid and disrespected.

Why should any single mother have to be away from her family so extensively, just because multi million dollar employers are trying to skirt out of their obligations.

It is shameful and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Would not make a dimes difference for those on the public trough.
They are not going to work one part time job, let alone two. Oil
workers are soon to learn about
job security.

Anonymous said...

so an employer could get rid of all of their full time employees and fill the jobs with part timers at 10-15 hours a week, and not have to pay one penny in taxes? I'm all for that!
Unfortunately, that doesn't work.

dogg said...

how about scrapping the current income tax system and implement a tax on spending. it would encourage saving money while placing a fair tax burden on all people, not just those with reported jobs.

Anonymous said...

maybe anything over 40 hours at any job. that way, the more hours people work the less their tax burden.

Anonymous said...

10:39 we already pay sales tax, so I do not get your point.

Anonymous said...

How about cutting the taxes that employers and employees pay, and start taxing welfare payments!

Anonymous said...

11:44 YES they tax unemployment, why not tax welfare?!

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea, this should be cause should be taken up by the Republican party, problem is "moderates" will be against it.