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Sunday, January 18, 2015

WOW Jimmy, That's Really Going To Make Them Change Their Minds At Labinal

Ireton Asks Labinal to Stay Put
January 15, 2015

Mr. Peter Lengyel
President and Chief Executive Officer
Safran North America
2300 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 607
Arlington, VA 22201

Dear Mr. Lengyel,

The sudden announcement this week of the impending closure of Labinal here in Salisbury has left me saddened and frustrated – emotions which mirror those of my community.   I implore you to reconsider your decision.

This closure has come as a complete surprise to not only me, but to your employees, and to the City of Salisbury.  Safran’s decision to close the Salisbury plant will lead over 500 people to seek employment in an already struggling economy – and that’s not to mention your employees who are family members, putting them in an even more perilous situation.

I know that Senator Mikulski has rallied for Safran in order to secure federal funds for your company’s benefit, and Salisbury and Wicomico County's commitment to this plant throughout its history is unparalleled.  As mayor of a small city, I work endlessly to draw businesses, retail and manufacturing, to our area.  Without manufacturing plants such as yours, a town cannot employ its skilled laborers. 

I would like the opportunity to discuss this closure with you. I welcome a phone call or other correspondence.

Mayor James Ireton, Jr.
City of Salisbury, Maryland

Publishers Notes: Excuse me Mayor Jimmy but because you are more interested in drinking beer and partying with your pals, let me tell you something.
This was NO surprise to the employees there. IF you had your ear to the ground and people actually liked you, perhaps you would have known almost a year ago, like all of the employees I have spoken to did. You've now dropped their employees down to 500. Interesting because your own figures from the City show them as the 3rd biggest employer and even by your own records it shows at least 650. In reality, a year ago there were 975 employees, but you are too ignorant to know that.

You said

"Salisbury and Wicomico County's commitment to this plant throughout its history is unparalleled". Really, we would like to know just what commitment you and the county have made? They purchased the building and property, they paid their water, sewer and taxes just like everyone else, you didn't know they were closing, damn, I'm really curious to know what commitment you are talking about?

"Without manufacturing plants such as yours, a town cannot employ its skilled laborers". 

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, REALLY? Perhaps you should have thought of that YEARS ago and visited them. The THIRD largest employer and you claim to be shocked and clueless. Yeah, THAT is a real leader. 

Well, at least you've published a public letter to cover your ass. However, I think ANY business person reading it will immediately realize how big an ass you just made of yourself. 

Enjoy the beers at 3rd Friday tonight. I'm sure this will be the talk of the town and you'll blame everyone else. You screwed up Jimmy.


Anonymous said...

Joe don't forget about sexual harassment in moons bathroom, Jimmy you had to know about the closing for atleast 9 months?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy didn't give a damn then, and sure doesn't give a damn now. Jimmy boy you should have long ago thought about bringing jobs here you no do gooder!

Anonymous said...

Did Babsie vote to pay for the choppers because she thought they were needed or because it would put some money in Salisbury's pot and hers?

Anonymous said...

This is a massive failure by Ireton and the Pollitt administration including Strasburg. The fact that no one had a clue seems to me NO ONE had a relationship with this company. Heard K&L is next. Is anyone checking in with them?

Anonymous said...

3:01 - the latter - dumbocrats want to gut the military.....

Anonymous said...

Strasburg was part of the problem how could he be in the Meeting.

Anonymous said...

K&l is fine.

Anonymous said...

I will give babs credit..she is pro defence..she has even visted wallops were i for the salisbury issue(my wife work there when it was northrup grumman) I believe the mayor in the real world..would be FIRED immediately ...absurd that a politician does not have an ear to the rail with all the local businesses..but liberals just dont understand economics, bussiness..morality... have no common sense.. only faith in proven failed socialism..(.thats whats killing our good system).it's more of a title thing for him look at me Im a gay mayor...he obviously not committed to the job...feel good trolleys bike paths..Nah...dumb idea. ..maybe a trolley factory or bike factory would have been better JIMBO..guess you cant get grants (more borrowed tax money) from other libturds for that..hell you have to know how the real world works and lives...Jim Day appears to be another clueless useless do gooder..glad i live in fruitland...

Anonymous said...

Ireton is absolutely clueless. No experience and poor leader at best. Must go.

Anonymous said...

"As mayor of a small city, I work endlessly to draw businesses, retail and manufacturing, to our area."

How much did the mayors nose grow with this statement?

Anonymous said...

the Mayor is cluless to many places in thiis town he should know first hand , ut he only knows about what interest him personally ,,,,,,believe it

Anonymous said...

He seems to be VERY out of touch with the state of the city. WTH is he really doing?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

From the boy (man?) who brought you "da bury." I'm moving my small business to Berlin.

Anonymous said...

I see Jimmy throwing one of his sissy fits lol What in the hell were people thinking when they elected this clown.