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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Obama Tells Cops He’ll Continue Giving Them Military Equipment, Just Don’t Be Racist

One of the early issues surrounding what happened in Ferguson was the use of military styled equipment against protesters. While many were reserving judgement regarding what happened between Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson, which ended up with Brown dead, many people were concerned over the use of said military style equipment, even after the riots, looting, and arson broke out. This prompted a “national discussion” over police using that equipment, and why they need it. No worries, though, Obama is available to provide more!

(Daily Caller) President Obama quietly issued an executive order Friday in which he continued to give local police departments military-style tanks, but also created a working group to make sure that the tanks won’t be used in a racist way.

“For decades, the Federal Government has provided equipment to State, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies [LEAs] through excess equipment transfers [including GSA donations], asset forfeiture programs, and Federal grants,” Obama stated in the executive order.

“These programs have assisted LEAs as they carry out their critical missions to keep the American people safe. The equipment acquired by LEAs through these programs includes administrative equipment, such as office furniture and computers. But it also includes military and military-styled equipment, firearms, and tactical vehicles provided by the Federal Government.”



Anonymous said...

Obama has turned me into a racist.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you were one already and now its coming out. Nobody can make you anything you don't want to be if you are a rational thinking Human Being.

Anonymous said...

A better statement would have been Obama is promoting racism. MLK was ten times the man BHO is and promoted peaceful change for the good.

Anonymous said...

"Won't be used in a racist way" translated means they can ONLY be used on "white people."

lmclain said...

When that equipment gets to be used in the manner for which it is really intended, it won't matter if you're white, black, purple or green.
The ONLY thing that will matter is if you are "compliant". If you follow the instructions. Keep your eyes down and shuffle to wherever you are told to go.
What military genius OR wanna-be Himmler thought that Podunk, USA (population 8,413) needed a mine resistant, armored troop (?!!) carrier or a chopper with .50 cal fittings and night vision?
Apparently "not doing anything wrong" doesn't get you off the hook like it used to, right Heinrich???
Buy guns and ammo. They'll have to get out of those things sooner or later.....

lmclain said...

"Was Mikulski's vote bought...."???
Are you kidding??
Every person with an IQ over 80 knows she's been bought, just like every one of her colleagues.
Keep cheering.
Maybe you can get "your guy" to talk to her about what "integrity" and "representing" mean.
That should fix things.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks.