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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Family of Md. boy who died after falling through icy pond says safety measures should be in place

OXON HILL, Md. (WJLA) – A family is calling for change following the death of a 7-year-old boy who fell through an ice-covered pond Friday night.

Two police officers jumped into the frozen pond to try and save Zae’ Quan White. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but died later that night.

A small memorial—balloons, stuffed animals and photos—sits near the spot where Zae’ Quan fell into the pond.

“I’m hurting every day,” said his mother, Myesha Inman. “It’s sad something like this had to happen.”

The boy’s family is still in shock. Around 5:30 p.m. Friday, Zae’ Quan and a cousin wandered down an embankment to take a look.



Anonymous said...

The first safety measure and only one really required is the family teaching him not to do stupid things. We don't need any more regulations to keep stupid people from killing themselves.

Shame that a life was lost regardless!

Anonymous said...

Exactly my thoughts! The best safety measure is to be a parent and be responsible for your child, which includes watching them!

Anonymous said...

“He wanted to skate, not knowing the dangers—that the ice would crack and he could fall in,” said Zae’ Quan’s aunt, Jennifer Inman.

Really? Did he tell you that? If he did, that would have been the golden opportunity to educate him about the dangers of frozen over ponds, and the concept of the phrase, "on thin ice".

You have hired an attorney, ostensibly to sue the HOA for damages for not fencing in the retention pond. County laws say that the HOA is not required to fence it in. Were I the judge, I'd have a very hard time giving a judgement of wrongful death or holding the property owner (the HOA) responsible.

Anonymous said...

Put a sign up that says no trespassing if there isn't one. That's it! The kid should have known better, to put it bluntly.

bloggerhater1 said...

safety measures like knowing where the hell your kid is and other things like teaching him to be smart and not walk on thin ice?

Anonymous said...

His death is the sole responsibility, or lack of, of his guardian.

Anonymous said...

this was a tragic event that happens often in many different ways. In this case a seven year old fell through ice and died. None of you apparently have been parents or you would known children do not have fully developed brains, children do not always do the safe thing even if they have been told the safe thing to do and children sometimes go off to places they should not without telling anybody. No parent knows exactly where their child is and what they are doing 100% of the time. Probably no comment is needed to be said here except to say, "I am terribly sorry for your loss."

Anonymous said...

2:07 I know where my kids are every single second, of every single day.

The mother KNEW where her child was, and is now blaming everyone else for something she should have done, which is to have a talk with him about the dangers of what he was doing, or better yet, accompanying him to the lake. Would a fence have stopped him? I doubt it. Would a sign have stopped him? Did he enter where a sign would be placed? Maybe taxpayers should pay for a large screen, like in Dallas' stadium... actually 4 of them to face all angles... with a public safety message?


Anonymous said...

I know exactly where my children are 100% of the time. As a parent it is my job to know this 100% of the time.
Of course we know children can be children, but again as a parent it is my job to be aware.
Stop making excuses everytime a child passes away. Tragic yes. Am I sorry she lost her child, of course.
However a 7 year old should not be out galavanting around the neighborhood by themselves.
Where the hell what the mom?

Anonymous said...

2:20 from 2:07

Maybe your children are babies or maybe you just think you know where they are and what they are doing. Because no parent knows everything about where their children are and what they are doing. It is not the nature of children to always permit such knowledge or even be concerned about it. That is why the job of parenting is so difficult and not perfect. I hope you don't use that kind of language in front of your children.

Anonymous said...

The mother needs to be held responsible.

Anonymous said...

2:22 You didn't play in the neighborhood when you were 7? I was never locked in the yard with my mother watching at the window at all times.
We played in lots of areas in the neighborhood and the woods.

JoeAlbero said...


In my younger days we lived in Lakehoptcong, N.J.

When the Lake would freeze over the local Fire Department took a small Army Jeep, put it in 1st gear and lets it cross the Lake. If it made it, we could ice skate.

When we were bored of that we'd go to the local Golf Coarse with our sleds and fly down "dead man's hill", 20 of us at a time. At the bottom of the hill was a small stream where they laid a car hood across it and we'd race to it. Those who made it, COOL! Those who didn't, PLOP!

From 6th grade on we lived in Bowie. Now I know Bowie is slightly different from Salisbury but not that much different.

If it was the weekend, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, Mom would say to ALL 5 of us. You could then find us at the basketball courts, tennis courts, football fields or simply riding bicycles anywhere and everywhere.

NO CELL PHONES! The major rule in our house was, be back at 6 PM or you won't get dinner and Mom meant it. Being broke, 5 kids, 2 of them over 6 ft tall, if you snoozed, you'd LOSE! Whatever got cooked was GONE by 6:10 PM!

So what's so different today? Yeah, TRY to get your kids to go outside and actually PLAY!

Today, it's organized supervision. Get them an iPhone, X-Box, Internet, iPad. Lock them up in the house and DON'T let them adventure.

Then you wonder why these kids get to college and have NO CLUE how to behave, how to be respectful. Yeah, your kids will never be as good as you because you neer gave them the chance.

Instead, may of you claim you know where they are at ALL times. Let me suggest this.

Try to remember YOUR YOUTH. Try to remember how cool it was to fly down dead man's hill with NO parents around. You can coddle them all you like but just remember, they'll never grow up to be REAL MEN.

Then again, this is Salisbury. You can thank yourselves for voting for the people you did because in reality, I guess you can't let your kids "Grow Up" with crime as bad as it is, Gangs recruiting other kids because Mom ad Dad couldn't afford all those iPhones and so forth.

You just have to love how the Liberals have destroyed this Country.

To the Parents of this unfortunate child, I'm very sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

I am 222.

My children are very well aware of the rules, our expectation is very high in this area. Sure they challenge the rules at time, but they get the consequences of these type of actions. Oh, we discipline.

Yes, they play outside all the time, in our woods, in the fields, etc. They ride atv's, bikes and skateboards. I am not standing at the window, I am not one of those parents (they live in neighborhoods, lol). Let me give you an example of something..when my oldest child was small, she fell off a small wall overseas. I took responsibility for her actions, bc I FAILED to restrict her from doing it. Did I sue or demand anything? NO.

The point of my original post, is that it is my job to ensure their safety. I would never let my 7 year old just run a muck with out knowing the rules and dangers or the consequences of his actions.

It is apparent that this "parent" did not equip her child with the knowledge that a child needs living near such things, like a retention pond.

Anonymous said...

I just feel terrible for the family.

Those that say "Oh I know where my child is every second of every day"...Yeah, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Different era different times.

Anonymous said...

Let your kids run around at 5 6,7 by themselves and they will be on a milk carton.

Anonymous said...

My parents almost lost me as a child and it was their mistake. They just didn't take that deep enough into the woods.

Anonymous said...

Parent names a kid Zae'Quan what do you expect from them.. no brains at all!!

Anonymous said...

Your white daughters love them Zae'Quans though.

Anonymous said...

Lol thug -= life.