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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wisconsin Town is Asking Residents to Voluntarily Have Their Homes Searched for Guns

Beloit, Wisconsin needs a new Chief of Police – yesterday. This guy is a fascist whackadoodle. Let’s see… when was the last timeEVER that you just had handguns lying around that you couldn’t find and need help locating? Hmmm. If you’ve got renters or roommates with guns, that does not make them a criminal. As far as comparing guns to Ebola and putting forth a forfeiture of your Constitutional rights and a voluntary search and seizure as being equal to a vaccine – sounds to me like the cure here is far deadlier than the so-called disease. And what kind of idiot says to the police under such a Progressive local potentate, “Come on in and search my home!” How about instead of thinking up moronic excuses for taking our guns, you actually just do your job?

A town in Wisconsin is asking local residents for a favor. The citizens of Beloit, a town located 75 miles southwest of Milwaukee, are being asked to voluntarily give up rights granted to them by the Constitution.

In an effort to ‘get people thinking differently about guns’, Police Chief Norm Jacobs of the Beloit Police Department is asking locals togrant the police department access to their homes so they may search for firearms.

Jacobs admits that he doesn’t believe the citizens of Beloit will be knocking down his door to have their property searched and seized, but states that he hopes this campaign will get younger people to think of gun violence like Ebola. The chief says that he wants local residents to think of home inspections like vaccines that will assist in building up his community’s immune system.”Gun violence is as serious as the Ebola virus is being represented in the media, and we should fight it using the tools that we’ve learned from our health providers,” Chief Jacobs said.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, ok.WTH!!!

lmclain said...

I'll bet HE won't be knocking on any doors.
He knows that the chances of someone saying "here's my gun, bullets first" are very high and HE would rather put someone's else's life on the line.
And he swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution??
The sad thing is, there are probably a bunch of scared little sheep who are cheering this idea like they're crazy.
Wait until you have to submit a fingerprint in order to start your car. Think of how many criminals, tax dodgers, drunks, and (fill in the blank here for your own person vendetta type) could be caught if we just surrendered a little more of our "liberty".
A little bit at a time.
That's the plan.

Anonymous said...

HUH??!! Does he think the people are as stupid as he is?