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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Department of Social Justice

Federal officials lectured Ferguson residents about “white privilege.

When Department of Justice officials arrived in Ferguson, Mo., one day after the death of Michael Brown, it wasn’t just to conduct an investigation on potential civil-rights violations. In fact, officials from one Justice Department office were conducting meetings with Ferguson residents to educate them on subjects such as “white privilege.”

The DOJ’s Community Relations Service arrived in Ferguson purportedly to lessen the tension between protesters and city officials. But sources who attended the DOJ’s private gatherings with Ferguson residents tell NRO that the Justice Department also sought to educate and question the community about the issues of white privilege and racism. The political nature of the Justice Department’s intervention in Ferguson may not be exclusive to its interactions with residents; it also might have affected its ongoing investigations into the Ferguson Police Department and officer Darren Wilson.

As investigators combed through Ferguson, DOJ’s Community Relations Service began holding the town-hall meetings, which excluded press and everyone from out of town. Ferguson resident Audrey Watson, 47, attended one of the meetings. She says federal officials organized the attendees into small groups and asked questions such as “What stereotypes exist in our community?” “How does white privilege impact race relations in our community?” and “Is there a need for personal commitment to race relations?”



Anonymous said...

Success can be taught as can failure. What they are calling white privilege is the cultural norm of white people to educate their children on any number of things. To hold their children to the highest standards. And that is about it.

Sorry but white privilege does not exist in 99.9% of the worlds population. It is merely a culture that takes their jobs as parents seriously.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it now appears that 'black privilege' in that locale includes the right to kill witnesses who testified honestly before the grand jury. Oh, by the way, those murdered witnesses in the days since the looting were black. I'm sure Obama, Holder, Sharpton, etc will get right on the case.

Anonymous said...

Whites have the privilege of working and paying taxes to support those who claim the privilege of mass reproduction and unending entitlement.