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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Following In His Fathers Footsteps

Maryland State Police
Colby Robinson knew what he wanted to be early in life. His dad was a Maryland state trooper. In fact, 18-month old Colby showed up at his dad's State Police graduation in 1994 wearing his own MD State Police uniform.

This Friday, Colby will be one of 70 new troopers who will graduate as part of the Maryland State Police Academy Class 142. Congratulations, Colby, on fulfilling a lifelong ambition!


Anonymous said...

great, another rookie we have to train

Anonymous said...

now get out there and generate that revenue for the state!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Colby!!! I don't know you but I know the MSP Academy is no easy piece of cake. Be wise & honest, be safe, and protect my friends....even 3:37 & 3:47 above. I'm sure they'll squeal like baby pigs when they really need you.....and I'm hoping you've learned to be there for them when that happens!! Again, congrats!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol at 4:20, don't worry I won't be calling the kops! USMC is a lot harder than msp academy!