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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

When atheists put up an inflammatory billboard, this Christian fought back with a billboard of his own

They are at it again. Atheists in Pender County, North Carolina recently erected a billboard that advertised the upcoming American Atheists convention and drove the point home with an inflammatory message.


Anonymous said...

I would rather spend my life believing there is a God and find out in the end there isn't rather than deny his existence all my life and find out in the end he truly does exist.

Anonymous said...

my god is truly alive

Anonymous said...

10:49 Ditto and he ain't a liking what he's a seeing :)

Anonymous said...

As an athiest, I just want to say that I envy believers alot. I wish I could share in your beliefs. It must be very calming to just "put things in gods hands".

I do want to state, that please understand and accept that we are for the most part, not an angry or hateful bunch. We are your neighbors, teachers and so on.

I don't think religion is an entirely bad thing either. I couldn't imagine how awful some "good christians" would be if they didn't have their fear of god. I respect and accept everyone's right to religion and would never try to stop them from practicing that right. I am never offended because I have to be around a prayer or any religious ceremonies.

The ones who do cry about it all the time, are just attention whores. I also think they have no respect for humans or the law. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

My God is alive and I feel great sorrow for any who don't believe, especially with what is coming for the world.

At the same time, I do wish to thank 12:29 for respecting the fact that we believe differently. I only wish that they could experience the "peace" that comes from Jesus. It is a truly wonderful thing. To see all that is going on in this world and still have peace. I wish it for them, but at the same time, I respect that they have a different opinion.

One day everyone will see what it truly is like to have a "godless" society and I thank God that I won't be here for it.

Merry Christmas, I love you Jesus.

Anonymous said...

This is the illogical Pascal's wager; in other words, your thinking is on the level of a 400 year old dead guy. Why should God like you any more if you're just believing in him because you're afraid of the consequences of non belief? That's not real belief, and it's no better than agnosticism. Come back once you've taken logic 101.

Anonymous said...

Weak minded people need to believe in something. Silly stories of Gods from the sky have been told since earliest record of mans existence. Don't get all upset when people laugh, it really is idiotic.