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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Apparently, Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney is used to politicians lying on the campaign trail—so much so that he seems astounded that at least one elected official is saying he intends to keep his vow.

“If Maryland Gov.-elect Larry Hogan (R) has a secret plan to be flexible and compromise with Democrats over taxes and spending when he takes office next month, he’s doing an excellent job of hiding it,” McCartney writes.

But there’s no need for a "secret plan" or "flexibility."

Hogan’s election stunned the political establishment—the sort of people who write columns for the Washington Post. Hogan never led in any pre-election polls but swept to victory over Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown. Hogan won because he promised to trim the size and expense of Maryland’s expansive government.



Anonymous said...

Of course he would be stunned. He's used to democrat politician who are of a different breed. Lying comes naturally to them and it's the only thing they are proficient at.

Anonymous said...

Governor Hogan needs to show the people that he is taking the steps to:

1. Reduce state wasteful spending
2. Reduce/repeal the flush tax
3. Repeal the rain tax
4. Reduce the state sales tax
5. Implement the capability for recall elections (look out Liberal Jim!)

No, he can't do these all by himself but by getting these started, the voters will know he is acting the way they he was elected to act and the fault will then lay with the remaining elected officials. When they are identified - they'll be elected out during the next cycle....

Anonymous said...

And it will take time. I hope he is giving the time with a second term. And of course I hope the term is earned. But I think it will be. He is an honest guy.

Anonymous said...

Some fair and balanced media needs to follow Gov Hogan around to see what he faces in the democrat controlled assembly and only then will voters see what really goes on.

Anonymous said...

The Maryland Constitution is unusual in that only the Governor can propose spending in the budget. The Legislature can cut the budget but not add to it. Mr. Hogan holds the upper hand here.

Anonymous said...

O sure. A politician that isn't going to become a corrupt money stealing parasite.

Koolaid anyone? I know our locals drink it heavy.

Nothing we like better than believing the Republicans are honest politicians and the Democrats the liars.

Americans are the most daft people on Earth.