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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

OC Experiencing Bus Driver Shortage; Committee Reviews Change In Standards

OCEAN CITY – The newly-formed Transportation Committee hit the ground running as it agreed for bus driver standards to become more flexible as the resort is facing a driver shortage.

Last Thursday morning, the city’s Transportation Committee met for the first time.

“This was established at the organizational meeting of the Mayor and City Council to meet with you all and address the issues within the Transportation Department and familiarize everybody with the operations,” said Mayor Rick Meehan, who was elected to serve as the committee chairman.

Also serving on the committee is Council Secretary Mary Knight, Councilman Dennis Dare and Councilman Tony DeLuca, City Manager David Recor, Public Works Director Hal Adkins, Chief-Deputy Director James Parsons, Airport Manager Jaime Giandomenico and Superintendent of Transportation George Thornes.



Anonymous said...

I have always considered the job as a Bus Driver in OC among the top - if not THE top - most stressful occupation in town.
Traffic... Cross streets.... Pedestrians... Bike riders. All of these while watching the stops for passengers.
Of course: The inebriated masses creating havoc on some rides and disturbing the driver.
Hey OC... You want more drivers? Put a security man/woman on each bus during prime time. Doesn't have to be a cop - just someone to take care of all the insanity behind the driver's seat, just so the driver can concentrate on his primary job.
I wouldn't take that job (now) for ANY money. By far, the most demanding job the Town offers.

Anonymous said...

And to consider lowering the standards on hiring... really bad idea! Just think of the lawsuits waiting to happen when you hire a few extra thuggy idiots.