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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Democrats Are In Worse Shape Than People Realize

The most immediate consequence of the Democrats’ midterm disaster was losing control of the Senate and ceding Congress to the GOP.

For the next two years, Democrats will have to deal with conservative legislation, right-wing hijinks, and — in all odds — a vacancy crisis, as Republicans freeze confirmations and refuse to fill spots in the executive branch and on the federal bench.

That is bad for the Democratic Party. What’s on the horizon is worse. As Amy Walter notes for the Cook Political Report, Democrats lost big at all levels of government, including the states.

“Today,” she writes, “about 55 percent of all state legislative seats in the country are held by Republicans. That’s the largest share of GOP state legislators since the 1920s.” What’s more, “just 11 states have an all Democratic-controlled legislature,” and Democrats hold single-party control in just seven states.



lmclain said...

Hmmmmm....maybe, just maybe, the populace is growing weary of promises without action, bloated government, outright lying, (stupid Americans, "transparency", you'll save $2500 a year on medical coverage, "I found out about (fill in the blank scandal) just this morning on the news", taxes taxes taxes, --- there is a HIUGE list of this stuff).
What we are going to get now is 4 years of REPUBLICAN theft, mismanagement, insider trading, nepotism, lying, stealing, and various other endeavors that have NOTHING to do with "representing" us, but everything to do with increasing their own wealth and power.
"Your guy" is golden, though. Its the rest of the slimeballs that aren't, right? Uh huh.
Keep cheering. They love it. You think them calling us "stupid American voters" was an accident?
A misstatement? A slip of the tongue? A DEMOCRATIC error?
LOL! That's what ALL of them think about you.
Their voting records and behavior tell the truth that you refuse to see.
Check back in a year. I guarantee that Larry Hogan's brother-in-law or aunt, or sister , or son/daughter will be the recipient of a large contract or has become a "lobbyist", or is appointed to a board of some kind (that will coincidently pay a huge, overblown salary).
Guarantee it.
They are all wolves. No. Wait. "Wolves" gives them too much credit. "Hyena's" would more aptly describe people who spend millions (read that again) to get a job that pays less money than the return on their portfolio.
Ask yourself "why?".
Eliminate reasons of patriotism, altruism, or "concern for their fellow citizens". Want to see some "concern"? Try getting them to return a call (WITHOUT a promise of a "contribution").
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Turns out "BONER" isn't a Republican after all, just another crony of Ob'..

Anonymous said...

This article is way off base. If the CRomnibus could teach people anything, it's that we really only have 1 party. The Republicans put every shady spending priority in that bill, and the Democrats didn't squak. Bad lunch program, amnesty funding, huge derivative bailouts for banks, much higher limits on political name it, both sides were happy to support it in the end.