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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Conjoined Twins In Florida Undergo First Surgery

A set of conjoined twin boys, born late Friday, underwent the first of what's likely to be a number of surgeries to repair some damage to organs that are partially exposed. The boys, named Conner and Carter, are joined at the sternum and the abdomen. They are currently recovering from the operation at Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Fla.

After Conner and Carter were born on Friday, doctors did tests and determined the brothers shared only a liver and part of their small intestines. The family said for the time being their doctors plan to hold off on the surgery to separate the boys. They are what's known as omphalopagus twins, joined at the abdomen, which statistically has the highest survival rate since the body can easily regenerate liver tissue on its own.

As of Saturday, the boys were on a respirator, recovering and in relatively stable condition, though the family said Carter has begun to have some heart problems due to an enlarged aorta.



Anonymous said...

God bless you little guys! Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Bless their little hearts and God bless the medical personal who are performing this operation. Give them the guidance they need so their healing hands work wonders with these precious little boys.