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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mayor Jim Ireton Loves To Mislead The Public

"the Governor’s office of Crime Control and Prevention reports violent crime in Salisbury is down 49.2 percent!"

So let me see, you have two murders last year and now, (so far) this year there's only one. Or let's say you had 20 rapes last year and now you only have 9. 

Look, when you are in the position of being Mayor of a City loaded with serious crime and a lot more not so serious crime, I guess you'll take what you can get. Nevertheless, I wouldn't be out there pounding my chest Jimmy. If just ONE of YOUR family members was a victim of that 49.2% I think you'd learn to keep your mouth shut and FIX the horrible crime Salisbury is delivering each and every single day. 

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Anonymous said...

Democrat isn't he?