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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wicomico County Council Meeting 11-18-14

Video Courtesy of Pac14


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sample Hughes doesn't like putting the bond resolution on the back burner. Typical democrat wants to spend spend spend someone elses money

Anonymous said...

the sound is way too low. I have everything turned up. I watched part of this meeting live and the sound was bad when listening. I don't know why they can't get the mikes set up so everyone can hear. this happens a lot and no one seems to hear it or correct it.

Anonymous said...

This was actually better than the city council meeting video. I couldn't hear anything on that one. For both videos I had to turn everything up. There are 3 places to turn up the volume. I have all 3 on max just to hear this one. Check your volume in the control panel. I had to do that to raise my volume.

Anonymous said...

Catch Sample-Hughes at the 8 minute mark -- Good Riddance Sheree, go play the race card elsewhere.