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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Black Thugs Aren't Black Heroes

If America wants to move beyond racism we must first move past the Democrat party. The black community is virtually void of "American pride" because we don't know our American history and we don't trust our God.

Can you imagine a Mount Rushmore erected with the faces of black heroes of the past? Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass , George Washington Carver, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Hiram Rhodes Revels (the first black ever elected to congress during Reconstruction) are just a few that come to mind. Now picture the faces of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin (hoodie included) memorialized into that same mountain top alongside any of the two above mentioned heroes. You can't can you?

As America awaits for the Clayton, Missouri grand jury to decide whether or not criminal charges will be brought against officer Darren Wilson, I contend we should've never gotten to this point. As heart wrenching as it is to witness any youth die too soon, Michael Brown's story should have never made it past the local news. In fact, if officer Darren Wilson were either a black officer or a black thug it wouldn't have! Liberals avoid nationalizing stories of blacks killing blacks because it doesn't fit their "America is a racist country" narrative. I can't help but to imagine how minority lives would be drastically changed for the better, and even spared, if media cameras were often turned away from white police officers and towards young black thugs. Perhaps, it would begin a wave of introspection in the 'hood like never before.


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