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Thursday, November 20, 2014

13 College Majors Where The Pay Goes Nowhere

When deciding on a college major, students are encouraged to think about a few things: what they love to do; what they want to do; what jobs they imagine themselves in; and what the earning and growth potential is like for those careers.

For instance, they would probably want to know ahead of time that human services majors see their annual pay increase by only about $7,500, or 22%, over the first 10 years of their careers, compared with the average American worker, whose salary grows by about $25,000, or 60%, in that time.

That's according to Payscale, the creator of the world's largest compensation database with more than 40 million salary profiles. It recently looked at the difference between starting (less than five years of experience) and mid-career (10 or more years of experience) pay by college major, and it determined the 13 majors with the smallest salary growth.



Anonymous said...

Most of what comes out of liberal arts colleges fit in to these categories.....along with a serious chunk of student load debt.

They end up in government service gimme jobs. Even the Peter Principle fails them as they are able to negotiate the system and continue to get promotions....and we wonder why everything related to the government takes forever and costs waaay tooo much?!

Anonymous said...

this article is crap. the 13 jobs they offer are held by people who want to do the job. They aren't motivated by the money. After a successful 42 year career in sales, I just love it when a 25 year old MBA thinks he knows marketing better than I.