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Thursday, November 20, 2014

House Vote in Favor of Keystone XL Pipeline an Act of War

Rosebud, SD – In response to [the] vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to authorize the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, the Rosebud Sioux Tribal President announced that the Rosebud Sioux Tribe (Sicangu Lakota Oyate) recognizes the authorization of this pipeline as an act of war.

The Tribe has done its part to remain peaceful in its dealings with the United States in this matter, in spite of the fact that the Rosebud Sioux Tribe has yet to be properly consulted on the project, which would cross through Tribal land, and the concerns brought to the Department of Interior and to the Department of State have yet to be addressed.

“The House has now signed our death warrants and the death warrants of our children and grandchildren. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe will not allow this pipeline through our lands,” said President Scott of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

“We are outraged at the lack of intergovernmental cooperation. We are a sovereign nation and we are not being treated as such. We will close our reservation borders to Keystone XL. Authorizing Keystone XL is an act of war against our people.”

In February of this year, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and other members of the Great Sioux Nation adopted Tribal resolutions opposing the Keystone XL project.



Anonymous said...

Almost as bad as the Redskins logo?
Should tell 'em we'll meet the tribal councils in Ferguson for peace talks on Friday night @ 8 PM sharp!

Anonymous said...

The tribes were brutally pummeled by the European invaders a couple of centuries ago.

They lost their land.

The present inhabitants of that land have little in common with the natives. Their ancestors would disown them.

So would our ancestors.

Anonymous said...

Send the descendants of George Custer to negotiate with them....they'll be better prepared for battle this time!

TideRunner said...

Most people don't know that there is already a Keystone Pipeline, Keystone 1. The existing Keystone 1 tar sands pipeline has spilled more than 12 times in its first 12 months of operation. In July 2010, a spill of more than 800,000 gallons of toxic tar sands crude from the Enbridge pipeline contaminated more than 30 miles of water and shoreline along the Kalamazoo River in Michigan. This created public health problems, threats to groundwater, widespread fish kills, and destruction of wildlife habitat, contamination that is still being cleaned up at a cost exceeding $700 million.

So now Canada wants us to build a pipeline to allow them to reach the port of New Orleans with their crude. How many spills will occur on the XL pipeline at what cost. It won't lower the price of oil or gasoline. They want to reach the ports to ship this oil out of the country.

This is all about big money for corporate giants. It is not about lower prices for you or me. Maybe we should listen to the Sioux this time. They and the other Native Americans took care of the land when they were in charge. Since the Europeans came we have done nothing but devastate the environment because we could.

Anonymous said...

Give them some booze, and they'll be out of our hair.

Anonymous said...

Heep big trouble if big pipe go thru, we tear down Casino, white man suffer much

Anonymous said...

Some pretty amazing comments on here so far.. apart from TideRunner, who usually posts thoughtful comments, I don't think too many people are giving much thought to what is happening to these native people.

How would you feel if a crew suddenly showed up at your house and started digging trenches and laying pipe? No permission., Didn't even ask you. And they don't care if you like it or not, the pipeline is going through your yard. They will consider the part of your property they want to use as theirs.

I'm not a liberal. But I am a realist. And I know history.

Think about what has been done to these people.. how many times we have pushed them off their land, slaughtered thousands of them to take even more of their land, and broken almost every treaty we signed with them.

All they have left is a few small areas to live in, and now we're about to do the same thing to them again.

Do we ever learn? Or even care?