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Monday, October 13, 2014

Majority of Americans Want Flights Banned From Ebola Countries

A majority of Americans support banning all flights to the United States from countries experiencing an Ebola outbreak, an exclusive NBC News online survey reveals.

The survey, which was conducted by SurveyMonkey and then weighted for age, race, sex, education and region to match U.S. Census data, found that 58 percent of Americans want a ban on incoming flights from West African countries hardest hit by the virus, such as Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Twenty percent of respondents opposed a travel ban, and the rest said they didn’t know. The survey was conducted a day before the first person diagnosed with Ebola inside the U.S. died Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

Anybody leaving bodily fluids on a plane by simply blowing their nose and touching the armrest is spreading infection.

Airlines will not be able to properly disinfect each plane that is flown from there between flights.

What part of the word "Quarantine" don't they understand?

Anonymous said...

The whole world needs to just leave Africa alone, this is Gods way of weeding out non-believers. The WHO and all of the relief workers need to leave, they are interfering with Gods plan.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this would be a start. Close
all borders and arm with the National Guard !
Until a drug is put on the market to cure this sh*& !

ginn said...

I would even take the ban of Ebola countries a step farther to include a passenger's itinerary. As in the Dallas victim's arrival at Dullas from Brussels.
We've all heard the phrase "Stop The Madness". Well, this is one sure fire time to heed the message.