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Monday, October 13, 2014

Republicans Are Killing You With Ebola, Of Course

Erica Payne, the same PR genius behind “F*ck Tea” and“Hey, Let’s Deface Paul Ryan’s New Book,” has put out a chillingly effective new ad that tells the ugly truth about Ebola.

Watch and learn, wingnuts:



Anonymous said...

Once again politicians are unable to pass up capitalizing on a crisis. This shows the true character of the democratic party and those supporting it.

Anonymous said...

Look at the record. Democrats have held the House, Senate and Presidency in the majority for 20 years now.

ginn said...

You have nailed it. How in the hell can the Blue Jackasses even entertain such trash when they've controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency for most of the last two decades?

Anonymous said...

Lying Dirtbags, but they are crying foul now that a poster was mailed out that basically says the truth about Norman Conway. The Democrats think that it is deplorable and putting down and honest man. Well folks I'm hear to tell you that Norman isn't honest and he hasn't done shit for the Eastern Shore. You have heard that lie over and over again that you are starting to believe it yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Yeah, and the guy in Texas with Ebola died from "racism". They "let" him die because he was black. Didn't you here that? People are so delusional these days they will say anything. The sad part is there are lots of really stupid people out there that believe it!