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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Widower settles $6million lawsuit with airlines after his late wife was deemed 'too fat to fly'

A widower has settled his $6million lawsuit against three airlines who barred his late wife from planes because she was 'too fat' to fly.

Vilma Soltesz, who was 407lb, died at the couple's holiday home in Hungary after she was not allowed to fly back to New York City by Delta, KLM or Lufthansa in 2012.

Her husband Janos Soltesz, 57, settled his wrongful death suit last month for an undisclosed amount.



Anonymous said...

Not sure I agree that her death was the fault of the airline. She was obviously in very poor health.

On another note they could have easily boarded a ship that would take them home.

Anonymous said...

Should'nt he have inquired into a cargo plane?

Anonymous said...

fedex and ups ship items priced by weight. It takes more fuel to get more weight off the ground. All airline tickets should be priced on a sliding tier according to your weight. Why should someone who weighs only 100 lbs pay the same as someone who weighs 300 lbs? They already do it for you extra luggage.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was a matter of the price of the ticket as far as paying the same as a 100 lb. person.

If I remember correctly they flew the couple there to the holiday home but then refused to fly the wife back here. The couple didn't have the money to purchase a ticket by boat as they as purchased round trip tickets by air. Also I think she may have already been somewhat sick when they left but don't hold me to that. It has been a while since this happened.

But unless she gained an awful lot of weight while she was there then he should have filed suit. If they could fly her over there, then they could fly her home. I think maybe he felt she didn't get the same medical care in that country also. I am not a big proponent of law suits but if they could take the money for the ticket, fly her over there, then say they couldn't fly her home, there should have been some type of recourse.

Anonymous said...

Some supplemental health insurance policies, designed for travelers, include chartered jet transportation for those medically compromised.

Anonymous said...

being obese is not medically compromised. it's being undisciplined! or just eating to much!

Brian Dayton said...

Sounds like she should have been on a cargo plane. Pay by the pound.

Unbelievable settlement. That crap costs all of us.