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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

6 Inmates Charged For Attacking Cell Mate

ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Six inmates of the Accomack County Jail have been charged with felonies after investigators say they attacked another inmate.

The Accomack County Sheriff’s Office says the man charged in a recent fatal vehicle crash was assaulted while in prison on Labor Day. Now the following inmates have been issued felony warrants, charging them with malicious wounding by mob:
  • William Nelson, age 38
  • Rynell Omar Crippen, age 25
  • Dalbert Nedab Jr., age 39
  • Lamonty Demetris Johnson, age 20
  • Rhyheem Rashawn Ridley, age 24
  • Christopher Antonio Smith, age 42
The victim, 36-year-old Bonifilio Velazquez, is being held without bond in the Accomack County Jail, charged with DUI and three counts of involuntary manslaughter. The charges stem from a head-on collision in the town of Keller on the Eastern Shore that killed three people and sent three others to the hospital.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like the detention officers should have taken their sweet time to break up this fight.....

Anonymous said...

In life, we are forced to live with the consequences of our's unfortunate for's more unfortunate for the lives of the victims lost when he decided to drink & drive!

lmclain said...

Six against one? Sounds like future police officers to me.
But, of course, the main difference is there are felony charges against those guys.
They should have been screaming "Stop resisting!!".
They obviously haven't been through the police academy, where "stop resisting!!" is what cops are TRAINED to say as they put their knee on your neck, back and legs while pummeling you as you try to breathe.
Probably didn't know that, did you??

Anonymous said...

Kick his butt, and than send the illegal back to Mexico with Holder and Obama on the same bus!

Good Job said...

They may be prisoners who violated our Laws, but they still are Americans.

If more of us did this to the illegals...they stay home.

Anonymous said...

I have no pity for him and I suspected that some "brothers" would exact revenge on him.It is a small area where everyone is either related to,or knows everyone.

Anonymous said...

He killed three people,who cares what happens to him.