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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Ebola Spreading 'Exponentially' as Patients Seek Beds in Liberia

The Ebola virus is spreading exponentially across Liberia as patients fill taxis in a fruitless search for medical care, the World Health Organization said Monday.

In Sierra Leone, a doctor working for WHO tested positive and was preparing to be evacuated from the country. Meanwhile, the newest U.S. patient, a doctor infected in Liberia, was feeling a little better and could even eat a little, doctors treating him in Nebraska said.

The various reports illustrated in the clearest possible way the disparities driving the epidemic in West Africa, where there’s almost no medical system structure. The three patients evacuated to the United States have all begun to recover quickly once they get good supportive care, which includes around-the-clock nursing care and good nutrition.


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Anonymous said...

I encourage the readers to do a search and educate yourselves about ebola. The disease has never behaved in this manner. It normally spreads very slowly and has never infected this many people so quickly. The MSM has admitted this is a record-breaking incident of ebola.

The idea that several people have now been "cured"? raises a lot of suspicion. Ebola has no cure and there has never been a claim for a vaccine. The company who claims to have a cure for this particular strain of ebola (which has never existed before) indicates it developed a vaccine within weeks of the first instance of the strain's development publicly.

The odds are astronomical against this company's ability to produce a vaccine so quickly. If these folks are being cured of ebola with an experimental vaccine then the producer of said vaccine must have had prior access to the virus.

This outbreak of ebola is engineered. It is a bio-weapon. Who released it into the environment and why?