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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Obama Appointees Vacate Major Anti-Obamacare Ruling

President Obama’s appointees to the D.C. Circuit Court will get to re-hear a major Obamacare challenge, after a three-judge panel of the court heard the case and ruled against the administration.

A majority of the judges on the court voted to re-hear the Halbig case, which pertains to whether subsidies can be provided to people who purchase insurance through the federal Obamacare exchanges. Accordingly, a D.C. Circuit panel’s decision that the federal exchange participants are not eligible for subsidies will “be vacated.”

Obama was able to secure a majority of Democratically appointed judges on the court, which is regarded as the most important court in the country next to the Supreme Court, after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) pulled the trigger on the nuclear option in the Senate to prevent Republicans from filibustering Obama’s judicial nominees.

“Reid’s power play over Republican opposition in December led to the seating of three Democratic judges on the federal appeals court circuit that serves the District of Columbia,” CNBC suggested the day after the three-judge panel ruled againstObamacare. “The Obama administration is now banking on a Democratic majority created by those judges to help overturn a stunning ruling that threatens a key leg of the Affordable Care Act.”



Anonymous said...

Pray they will rule in the "peoples favor", not Obamas favor...

Anonymous said...

This is why it is soooo important to consider who you vote for and why.

Granted, most of the folks reading this would not have voted for the yay-hoos that appointed these folks in the first place!

Meanwhile, we all need to do our best to reduce the number of liberal whackos in charge. Some of the liberal voters will continue to vote that way because the government gives them stuff...some of the liberal voters only want to save the planet in spite of them being shown the junk-science that influenced their decisions in the first place...and some of them are just plain stupid!

We need to bring more voters to the polls so we can hopefully outnumber them!