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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Armed Citizen Stops Attempted Burglary Outside Kroger in Moms Demand Action's Backyard

On September 8 an armed citizen shot and killed a man he claimed was trying to rob him outside an Indianapolis Kroger store.

The allegedly robbery took place at the corner of West Michigan Street and North Holmes Avenue "just before 6:20 a.m."

According to FOX 59, the suspect was armed and "was found next to an ATM" when police arrived. Indianapolis Metropolitan police West District Headquarters are located across the street, and officers ran toward the shooting when they heard sound of gunfire outside the headquarters.

Police found a white pickup truck in the Kroger parking lot "with the window shot out." The vehicle "was still running," which means the alleged robbery could have begun with a carjacking attempt. But police are still investigating.



Anonymous said...

Okay, but a running vehicle with windows shot out in Kroger's parking lot at 6:20 in the morning is:

1) NOT a carjacking!

2) NOT a customer of Kroger

3) Store opens at 8:00 am. Possible employee, but not probable.

4) Drug deal in the dark in an empty parking lot.

I'll pick #4, unless somebody comes up with another scenario.

Anonymous said...

1)person could be coming or going. Seems to me to be the favorite time for a carjacking.

2) Some Krogers are open 24 hrs. Don't know about this one.

3)Stockers generally work overnight into the early morning hours. Could be a shelf stocker.

4)Drug deal? Certainly possible!

After what happened in the Kroger's parking lot in Memphis, I wouldn't want to bet on any of them.