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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Substance Abuse Community Center Receives Grant

September 2, 2014–The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore awarded a $1,750 grant to the Salisbury Substance Abuse Community Center (SSACC) to provide laptops for the staff.

Pictured (l to r) are: Katarina Ennerfelt, President, SSACC; Linda Hutchinson, SSACC Board Member; Bob Cook, SSACC Board Member; Katie Kissinger, SSACC staff member, BJ Summers, Director, Development & Philanthropic Services, Community Foundation, Tracy Gregory and Betty Hartman, SSACC staff members and Doug Wilson, President & CEO, Community Foundation.



Anonymous said...

I will drink to that.

Anonymous said...

Good! If only we could dedicate the hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted by arresting users to helping them, we'd actually get somewhere in this town.

Anonymous said...

if you want some methadone just hang out by the building they sell it like crack!

Anonymous said...

These people do very little to help. We took in a young person who was hooked on Oxy's and got her into methadone program.

Man was that a mistake. Basically they started her out on small doses of methadone and kept increasing the dosage.

I figured that this was to compensate for the increasing opiate withdrawl and that at some point they would ween her off it.

This never happened. They kept upping the dose and never have any plan to reduce dosage to get her off of the Methadone.

3 years later she is still going every morning to get her methadone fix.

It seems to me that they trade one addiction for another. Except they are now the new dealers. As long as they keep the addicts coming back then they will continue to get more funding.

Also these classes that are held behind the Good Will are a joke. most of the people going there are there by court order and do not want to give up the drugs. As a result the few that really want to quit are forced to interact with people who encourage the drug use which makes it much easier to relapse.

I have been told several times that a lot of the dealers will attend the classes or hang out around the building because they know there are plenty of potential clients to be found there.

It is my opinion that they should hold separate classes for those being forced to go to drug class by court order. This would help prevent a negative influence to those who are genuinely trying to beat their addiction.