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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

'No boots on the ground as we battle Isis'

Pledge from Kerry as he calls for Britain and other Nato countries to commit to air strikes

U.S. President Barack Obama declared on Friday that his government is 'going to achieve our goal' in the continuing fight against ISIS, predicting that 'we are going to degrade, and ultimately destroy' the terror group 'in the same way we've gone after al-Qaeda.'

But he insisted that a 'developing strategy' will not require action from American soldiers in Syria, where ISIS has its strongest presence.

'We will not be placing U.S. ground troops to try to control the areas that are part of the conflict in Syria,' Obama said during a press conference following a NATO summit in Wales. 'I don't think that's necessary to accomplish our goal. ... The moderate coalition there is something that we can work with .... they have been to some degree outgunned and outmanned, and that's why it's important for us to work with our friends and allies to support them more effectively.'

NATO, Obama said, had agreed during the conference to provide 'security and humanitarian assistance to those who are on the front lines.'



lmclain said...

Maybe this lying goof should have told the Kurds to be quiet about the 200 U.S Special Forces troops they said were FIGHTING along side them.
Obama can't keep up with all the lies he has going on at one time (no troops on the ground, IRS didn't target anyone, Hillary was the best, my SSN is mine, unemployment is at 6%, the border is secure, you'll save $2500 a year in health care, you can keep your doctor, I didn't know about (fill in the blank here) until CBS reported it, etc.
I guess I don't need to mention that he filed as a FOREIGN STUDENT to attend college and used a different name.

Anonymous said...

The US Govt could consider cutting their funding for ISIS.

That might go a long way towards getting them to do what the Govt. wants them to do: Kill Syrians.