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Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Maryland has some hefty bills to pay in the near future, and not enough money to pay them.

According to an analysis of the state’s 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and actuarial reports, in The Financial State of States by Truth in Accounting, Maryland has $45.3 billion in bills due, yet only has $15.9 billion available to pay them, earning the designation of “Sinkhole State.”

Citing “budget shenanigans” that include borrowing money to fill budget holes and delaying payments for current bills, Truth in Accounting seeks to bring transparency to the true state of the states’ financial picture.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Omally for President, Mathais for Vice..... This says it all folks, MD is in deep trouble

Anonymous said...

Mathias - Conway - O'Malley - OBAMA

Thanks AGAIN Liberal Jim!

Anonymous said...

I cant leave this state fast enough

Anonymous said...

Thats allright the taxpayers of Maryland have plenty of money from all the jobs out there for our liberal Democratically controlled govt to tax us more on. Remember don't let the fact that the only states with a budget surplus are run by Republicans get in the way of your votes! (Sacasm)