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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

For Men's Rights Groups, Feminism Has Come At The Expense Of Men

This summer, a few hundred men and a handful of women gathered in a VFW hall near Detroit to attend what organizers billed as the first International Conference on Men's Issues.

The crowd wasn't huge, but it was enthusiastic. The event was a real-world gathering organized by the website A Voice for Men, part of an informal collection of websites, chat rooms and blogs focused on what's known as the men's rights movement. Speaker after speaker insisted that history would remember this moment.

"It's happening here. It's happening now. It's happening with us," Warren Farrell, one of the keynote speakers, told the crowd. Farrell, who published The Myth of Male Power: Why Men Are the Disposable Sex in 1993, is often described as the intellectual father of the men's rights movement.

Leaders in the movement say they want to bring more attention to the problems of men and boys. Critics worry, however, that these sites are a breeding ground for misogyny.


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Anonymous said...

Last time I checked it was television comedy that was making the father look like a idiot. Are all television writers women? I think if you check....most writers are all male. I are becoming a laughing stock as they are presented on television...but I really don't think that women feel that way unless or until a man fails to act like a man. I give men all the respect they deserve and I can tell you that some deserve it much more than others. My hat is off to the great husbands and dads.