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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Pressing the climate hoax

The Obama administration signs up for a war on carbon dioxide

The globalists are taking the next step in the war on carbon dioxide. Scientists have linked this gas to the feeding of healthy plants and the blossoming of flowers, so the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations‘ global warming alarmist arm, last week let slip a plan for getting rid of it when the U.N. summit on the climate convenes on Sept. 23.

President Obama is preparing to use his executive authority to impose the carbon-dioxide limitations dreamed up by the climate hysterics when they meet next year in Paris. He intends to ignore his constitutional duty to ask the Senate’s consent, and use the Environmental Protection Agency and other departments to impose the rules. Ignoring the Constitution can be habit-forming, as Mr. Obama has shown us.

A 127-page draft by the U.N. climate panel insists that humans must drastically reduce their production of carbon dioxide because it’s heating the globe. Urgent action is needed lest “abrupt and irreversible change” result. The European Union just banned the most effective vacuum cleaners and has announced it is about to ban powerful hair dryers, lawn mowers, smartphones and kettles, all suspects in the continuing plot against the planet.



Anonymous said...

everyone must stop exhaling!!

Anonymous said...

If Obama gets involved in this it will be screwed up for sure.

Anonymous said...

Barry works for the UN, not for us

Anonymous said...

Be careful 1:47, the next carbon tax will be on your 2015 tax form, with obamacare they have your health record and will calculate your yearly carbon output for exhaling, if you jog or go to the gym you will pay more for the extra carbon emissions!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that the Farmers Almanac prediction wasn't politically influenced.I cannot recall having back to back really cold winters and that is precisely what they have predicted.Whatever they say will provide a political platform one way or the other.Time will tell.