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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

CDC Director: Ebola Outbreak ‘Is Spiraling Out Of Control’

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta/AP) — The director for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention says that the Ebola outbreak is going to get worse.

Speaking to “CBS This Morning” following his trip to the West African countries dealing with the outbreak, Dr. Tom Frieden explained that they have to act now to try to get Ebola under control.

“It is the world’s first Ebola epidemic and it is spiraling out of control. It’s bad now and it’s going to get worse in the very near future,” Frieden told CBS News. “There is still a window of opportunity to tamp it down, but that window is closing. We really have to act now.”

Frieden, who visited Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, will tell Washington tomorrow that the Ebola outbreak is “spiraling upward.” The CDC director explained that these countries still need help to deal with the deadly outbreak.



Anonymous said...

No kidding? What was the first clue?

Anonymous said...

Earlier in this discussion I voiced alarm at the threat of Ebola being treated so cavalier. I stated that I had done research and that this was a deadly threat. I was met with readers (on this blog) who were listening to the same old line that the government feeds us when they want us to go away. All I can say now will witness what is about to happen in this world. "Spiraling out of control" are now the words being used by the CDC and they have known this after the first 100 cases and certainly when the epidemic left one country and travel to the next. There is no stopping this epidemic. The cat is out of the bag. Ask could we have handle this differently if we were told the truth? What is the CDC doing to guard this country? I fear I have too many questions with no answers.

Anonymous said...

It's all scare tactics to take your mind away from the real problems that are going on out there with the economy and the collapsing dollar. I have listened to experts and Ebola isn't that easy to contract. You have to be in close contact with an infected person almost have share bodily fluids to get this. Bleach kills it instantly. With proper sanitation, your chances are low of contracting this disease.

Anonymous said...

It is very difficult to control weapons grade virus