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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Joe Biden urges you to 'take back America!' Obama and Holder say 'that's racist!'

Maybe Biden doesn't know who's in charge....

On Monday, Joe Biden appeared in Detroit where he sought to rile up the flagging, flaccid, rapidly-diminishing ranks of the both the local UAW and union members nationwide. Unfortunately, as Biden is wont to do, he gave a goofy fiery speech that ended up revealing a lot about himself, not to mention his administration's incoherence.

In short, Joe Biden has exposed himself as a big, fat, ugly, racist, Tea-partying pig.

Not content to just say "Unions are super-cool, man, go join up," Biden started yelling about how "we need to take back America" and reform the tax code.

"The American people," Biden wailed, "Have not stopped dreaming! The American people have not walked away from what they believe they are entitled to! Just give them a chance! No handouts, just give them a chance! Because once you give Americans a chance, they have never, never, never, never, ever, let their country down! Never! So folks, it's time to take back America!"



Anonymous said...

Consider the source.

Anonymous said...

We agree! The shame of Delaware. Apparently hair plugs rot your brain.

Anonymous said...

That "Uncle Joe"......he's such a turd :)

Anonymous said...

Yea,Biden has looked like a babbling idiot for most of the past 6 yrs. But to have a career in politics there has to be alot of conformity on an individuals part. Biden has always said what he has been allowed to say. He looks like he,s less intelligent than Holder and Obama and that is what they want.( Look at the dumb white man). But deep down behind closed doors there is a Biden that sees through this administrations bullshit I believe. He'll probably retire after this, and Obama's reign is about over, so you may hear more little nonconformity remarks from Biden.I'm not pro Biden by any means. But I was sorta impressed at his passion in his speech about Isis, something Obama would do well to take notice of.

Anonymous said...

The DuPonts will not be happy about his speech

I'm sure they will straighten him out.