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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

David Axelrod smack-tweets Hillary Clinton

David Axelrod, former adviser to President Barack Obama, hit back Tuesday against Hillary Clinton's recent criticism of Obama's foreign policy.
Just to clarify: "Don't do stupid stuff" means stuff like occupying Iraq in the first place, which was a tragically bad decision.

In an interview with “The Atlantic” published over the weekend, Clinton argued the decision not to arm Syrian rebels early on had led to Islamic militants taking over swaths of territory in the region.

The former secretary of state also took a swipe at an oft-repeated phrase Obama uses to sum up his foreign policy choices - “Don’t do stupid stuff.”

"Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle," Clinton said.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from idiots?

Anonymous said...

David axletweeb libtarded fool ...surprised he even speaks english

Anonymous said...

hey 7:03 , right on target!

Anonymous said...

Axelrod should be hung.

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, blame it on Bush. But for those who seek the truth know that even Joe Biden spoke of the success of Iraq. After all he was all ready to take credit for that.

Anonymous said...

Joe cluesless biden is a fn Moron, how America keeps voting for Idiots is beyond me.