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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

JOHNSON: The 'mugging' of America by a GOP president

The Republican National Committee is trying out a curious new fundraising tactic: Rewriting history. The organization is actually trying to convince Republican donors that George W. Bush was a principled conservative and a great president.

Maybe the people running the RNC have amnesia. Perhaps they’ve managed to block out painful memories. It’s even conceivable someone at the RNC raided the liquor cabinet and was three sheets to the wind when they crafted their latest fundraising pitch.

There has to be some logical explanation.

Surely, the folks at the RNC aren’t foolish enough to think that they can reinvent reality and manage to make President Bush appear like some sort of limited-government hero and free-market icon. They can’t possibly believe the American public is gullible enough to buy such an outrageous tall tale, can they?



Anonymous said...

The media destroyed the Bush presidency. There were decisions that might have been made differently if the final outcome had been known when the decisions were made. It is the same for any president or any of us for that matter. Bush was a very good president and is a very good man. His integrity and principles can't possibly be called into question. I can't say the same for our current prsident. 25 years from now, history will judge both the Cush and Obama presidency more accurately and it won't be the same judgement provided by the media today.

Anonymous said...

As long as progressives write the approved history books you will not get the truth.

Anonymous said...

Those who dont learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them...DISOLVE THE FED