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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Under The Obama Leadership...

The Drug Enforcement Administration paid more than $850,000 for confidential Amtrak passenger lists. The kicker? It could have gotten that information for free. Amtrak's inspector general says the DEA gave the money to one Amtrak employee, a secretary, over two decades. Amtrak police already work with the DEA, so it's not clear why the agency felt the need to pay an additional informant. The Amtrak IG says the train service needs to take measures to control weaknesses. The secretary was allowed to retire rather than face administrative discipline.


Anonymous said...

our tax dollars hard at work. do you believe this will ever stop? we must get our elected officials to get serious about wasteful spending. right now most of the bunch in there are useless.

Anonymous said...

This is just a drop in the bucket of the hush money that has been paid out by this "most transparent administration" in the history of America. This is a criminal regime and is evil to the core. They have to pay off their operatives and then protect them if something goes wrong (as in the case of lois lerner). Then they quietly are allowed to retire early or transferred to another agency.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the 850 grand?

lmclain said...

More disparities in justice, I see. Allowed to RETIRE? Where? In Tahiti? A beachfront home in Belize? Most people would be in prison.
The DEA people who paid this should be imprisoned for a number of crimes. The recepient of the money should be forced to pay it ALL back, with interest.
They STOLE from the taxpayers.
But they had a badge. And the person who took the money HAD to know the information could have been acquired for FREE.
A whole lot of regular citizens are in jail/prison for some kind of conspiracy charge and they did a LOT less than these people.
I just keep seeing the images of the MILLIONS of Germans who kept cheering as Hitler tightened the noose around their very necks.
The MILLIONS who cheered Stalin as he unleashed his police on the population and killed or starved to death those same people. The MILLIONS who cheered Mao, even though he slaughtered entire towns and imprisoned/tortured so many.
None of those dead millions thought they were cheering their own demise, just like you don't think you are....
This path we are on, power against the powerless, the haves against the have nots, concentrated and ruthless official authority answerable to no one, has but one, and only one, end.
Just don't act like you are surprised when it happens or that no one told you.
Thats how history works. You either learn from it or repeat it.
I'm going with "repeat". You can stick with "cheering".
History is on my side.