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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Small Price To Pay?

In response to Russia Fires Back With More Sanctions: NASA, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Autos in Spotlight a close friend responded “It’s a small price to pay to counter naked aggression.”


Naked aggression by whom? Who started this mess?

Who fomented the overthrow of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.? Was it Russia or the US?

What country reneged on promises to not expand NATO into Eastern Europe? Was it Russia or the US?

What country has satellite coverage of the region and has failed to produce any evidence as to where Buk missile launchers were on the day MH17 crashed? Russia or the US?

What country stood the most to gain from the downing of MH17?
Why was MH17 rerouted far from its normal flight path to fly directly over a war zone?

But what the heck? Let’s ignore all those pointed questions. Let’s also ignore the Gulf of Tonkin resolution in Vietnam, an asinine war in Iraq, support for “moderate” rebels in Syria who in retrospect turned out to be Isis members, horrific errors in Afghanistan, lies that led us into war with Iraq, US involvement in the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, etc., etc..

And with virtually no evidence presented, please wrap yourself in the US flag, along with president Obama and senator John McCain, and believe every lie the US has to tell.


1 comment:

lmclain said...

Want to stop all these military-industrial complex backed "conflicts"? Make EVERY Senator send one of their children to the front lines.
We'd become such a peaceful nation it would make the Japanese look like Catholic nuns.
I'd also make every oil company executive and every arms producer send one of their kids, too.
Even if it meant their Harvard education would be put on hold.....