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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Next Obamacare Enrollment Crisis For The Uninsured Arrives On April Fool's Day

There is likely to be yet another crisis for the uninsured come April Fool’s Day: They will be barred by law from buying health insurance until the next “open season,” which will begin in October. That is, unless President Obama unilaterally disregards the clear text and purpose of his health care law—a pattern we’ve seen many times—and extends the March 31 enrollment deadline.

I’d put the chances of that enrollment extension at about 75 percent.

Before Democrats “fixed” the health insurance marketplace, people buying their own coverage in the individual market could do so any time of the year. In addition, if a person had purchased coverage but decided he or she didn’t like dealing with that insurer or the network of doctors, or whatever, that individual could cancel the policy and buy a different one—again, any time during the year.

Well, you can kiss that economic freedom goodbye, thanks to Obamacare.


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Anonymous said...

When is someone going to put a stop to all of these "Extensions", the law was passed by congress, and that is it, no one but congress has the power to change the law.