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Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Letter To The Editor 9-11-13

Taxpayers Get A Break, Restaurants And Pubs Take A Hit 

While there may have been some grumbling about Rick Pollitt jetting off for the far east last week in retrospect it could have saved the taxpayers of Wicomico County a lot of money. It seems as if R P has a big appetite when it comes to spending tax dollars for food. 

Hardly a meeting can be held that there's not a lunch or dinner being bought and paid for with taxpayers money. Even a simple stop at Wawa for coffee falls prey to the county credit card. 

The restaurants and Pub owners in Salisbury and Annapolis will be scratching their heads wondering what happened to the first week of Septembers receipts. R P s economic stimulation policies mirror those of councilwomen Sample - Hughes who chairs the Tri County Council Sample - Hughes defended the Tri County Councils pub hopping a few months ago as something that helps the local economy, this is what we do and we will continue to do this she stated. Some members of the Wicomico County Council just increased R P s office budget by $10,000 to help with the food bill. Maybe Rick can take those employees from PRMC to lunch before they join the unemployment line. 

For further information go to the Wicomico County website click on financial information then click on monthly expenditure reports scroll down to the executive office there are twelve months receipts interesting that they skipped June of 2013 what are they hiding?


Anonymous said...

Nothing but low class pigs at a trough.
An obvious reflection of an upbringing void of moral and other values. Raise by parents who taught them it's perfectly okay to take advantage of a situation.

Anonymous said...

A week ago it was stated that his trip was paid for without any taxpayer dollars. There is no election coming up, he has no control over what happens with prmc, and certainly has no control on the economic success of any restaurant in salisbury. what is your problem? ps - don't forget the wine festival in october....

Anonymous said...

you can go to Fruitland Council meetings at lunch time, not sure if they serve lunch because most people are working at that time!

Anonymous said...

Don't be so gullible 9:27. The trip was official business which in some way or another is funded by tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Joe you won that election. WE need to get YOU in there!

Anonymous said...

The Tri County Council is unaccountable. Their budget and expenditures are not documented anywhere. Just ask for money, spend it, and ask for more. Unfortunately, they spend too much on themselves rather than the equipment for their bus service which are so dirty they look like they came from a third world country.

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 10:18, thank you but I have no interest in political office.

So each and every one of you know, I had offered my services, experience and wisdom for at least 9 years now. Many of those ideas have in fact been followed through and have become very successful. I'm more than happy to help from the outside but you have to understand, the political will has to be there and the current leadership couldn't care less what truly happens to the future of the Eastern Shore.

They are in it for the name, the position and especially for future politics.

Just follow anything the Daily Times has to say negative about certain elected officials and know THAT is who you want re elected. I'm not kidding.

Those are the people who actually care, have a vision and can see through the political crap out there.

Wicomico County is deteriorating year by year. They grow budgets, raise taxes and put in things like speed cameras to bring in revenue. Property values go down and they have to find ANY excuse to punish you even more just to catch up with the loss. Heck, even the Governor wants to make you pay a rain tax. Gas prices go up 300% and the revenue reserved to improve our roads is taken by the Governor instead of reinvesting back into what's crumbling here, soon enough they'll create yet another tax because the roads are so bad.

This is NOT how you run a business and it will catch up to all of us. This is not a political climate I want to be involved in. America is failing and both parties have their heads up their butts. There are people out there like me who want to help but that help will only be accepted if it suits their political needs.

Heck, just look at the Civic Center parking lot. I showed Rick Pollitt how he could at least add an additional 30% parking to the current lot. I asked him to get an aerial view of it and I can prove it. Instead we spent what, $5,000,000.00 on a new parking lot across the street.

I'm all about the future but I think even the nay sayers will agree, that Civic Center is crumbling, has no liquor license and quite frankly has no future because the venue isn't big enough.

Instead we'll watch Doug Marshall create a better venue in DELMAR and steal that business right from underneath us. Oh, then you'll have the Executive coming back saying we need to relocate and spend $50,000,000.00 on a new facility in order to be competitive.

Doug saw an opening and he took it, good for him. The PRIVATE sector is smarter and will make millions and they deserve it.

No thanks. I'll stay in the private sector as well. I'll have an aerial view of Wicomico County through Salisbury News and keep the public informed instead.

Anonymous said...

9:44, read a little and you will know who paid for that trip. It wasn't anybody's taxes.

9:21, you have no idea what you are talking about. RP's parents and grandparents were some of the finest people I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Spend 60 years here, actually know the people to whom you refer, and then comment. What a fool.

Anonymous said...

12:04-no where is it quoted by RP that he paid for the trip. Only thing about it not being tax payer funded is a few comments on this blog. So point everyone in the right direction if in fact it is true that the trip cost tax payers nothing. I bet we never hear from you again-LOL.
And so what if you knew these people. A low class upbringing reeks of someone who takes advantage of situation and feels it is in their right to grab at things that are free just because they are entitled to it. A classy stand up person always pays their own way or at least offers to pay. You are the fool who is easily fooled by sponges. Nothing more that the welfare class. No need to eat and drink at meetings esp on tax payers dimes-PERIOD! Yep, pigs slopping at the government trough. So called fine people don't raise sponges.

Anonymous said...

Oust the ones that voted for the tax increase.

Anonymous said...

I just looked this up on the website what pigs they are, and what happened to June must of spent a lot of money that month. Hey Pollitt here piggy piggy.

Anonymous said...

I was by Doug Marshall's "field" the other day and I didn't see that he has started building the Amphitheater like he said he was doing in August. What's the deal?

Anonymous said...

June - MML Conference in OC. Bet they spent a bundle!

Anonymous said...

12:55. You lose your bet. You are hearing from me again. So LOL yourself. The August 11 Daily Times ran an article about this trip, and it was reported on the county website as well. It was stated that the trip was sponsored and paid for by the Taipei Economic Cultural Office in DC. You can believe the report or not, but it was reported in other sources and not just this website. Perhaps this is all you read; that would explain a lot about your comment. Secondly, I maintain that you are way out of line to call people that you never knew or know anything about "low class." You may not like things about their child/grandchild, but so what? Joe, I would think you would take exception to that position due to your own circumstances. If I were to use your logic, I would call your parents low class because of the ignorant low class comments made by you. But that would not be fair, so I won't. If you don't like the guy's politics, fine. But leave his family out of it. Now that would be classy.

Anonymous said...

Rick Pollitt has never had a job in the privite sector always a gov't job.