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Friday, February 15, 2013

Fireball From Outer Space: 1,000 Injured As 40-Ton Meteor Travelling At 33,000mph Explodes Over A Terrified Town

  • Large object flashed across the sky at 9.20am local time
  • Pictures show a streak of smoke followed by several bright blasts of flames
  • 82 of the injured are children and two are in intensive care
  • Landed in a lake near Chebarkul, a neighbouring town
  • 6,000 square feet of a roof at a zinc factory collapsed
  • One local said it 'was like a scene from the Armageddon movie'
 Some feared a plane was about to fall out of the sky while others thought the world was ending.In fact, it was a meteor streaking across the sky before exploding in a fireball brighter than the sun.The terrifying sight was caught in these astonishing pictures by residents of central Russia as they headed to work yesterday. 


Ex Baltimoron John said...

I'll beat the rest of ya...
That damn Obama!

Anonymous said...

How come the injured list keeps getting higher and higher?

Anonymous said...

obama and his drones , what do you think now?

Alex said...

Probably Russian government killing off people and blaming it on space objects.

Anonymous said...

come on now, let's get real. This event was brought on by the increased heat radiating from our planet due to global warming and...naturally of course if you don't believe that...then blame it on Bush!

Anonymous said...

Al Gore is at the ready... to take more of your money. Please don't use logic, just trust him.

Well played, Russia!

Anonymous said...

12:30-I noticed that.Somebody seriously downgraded this in the beginning.Every day it gets worse.

Obama Motors said...

None of the above. Meteorite entered the atmosphere at the speed of 7 miles per second which caused extreme heat and explosion outside of city Chelyabinsk, Russia, near Ural Mountains. The explosion itself produced almost blinding amount of light, folowed by gigantic wave of aftershock, which caused all glass widows including frames in the city to shatter and caused injuries to about 1,200 people. It is certain the meteorite itself exploded above the surface and the frangments landed in nearby woods. Sorry, nothing political here, certainly nothing from American side.