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Monday, November 12, 2012

Evidence Shows Power Of East Coast Earthquakes

Earthquake shaking in the eastern United States can travel much farther and cause damage over larger areas than previously thought.

U.S. Geological Survey scientists found that last year's magnitude-5.8 earthquake in Virginia triggered landslides at distances four times farther -- and over an area 20 times larger -- than previous research has shown.

"We used landslides as an example and direct physical evidence to see how far-reaching shaking from East Coast earthquakes could be," said Randall Jibson, USGS scientist and lead author of this study. "Not every earthquake will trigger landslides, but we can use landslide distributions to estimate characteristics of earthquake energy and how far regional ground shaking could occur."


Anonymous said...

OMG will you please stop driving around in your car causing this Global Warming?

This is how it occurs per Obama!

Anonymous said...

Hydrofracking,plain and simple!!

Anonymous said...

The Virginia quake was a man-made earthquake. HAARP is capable of tremendous power. It is to be feared.