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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Romney signs defaced with excrement in Va.

A conservative radio host based in central Virginia, has posted a video on his website of a GOP office with its window smashed in, expletive-laced rants presumably delivered at Republicans, and Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan signs torn down, defaced and smeared with what appears to be human excrement.
The clip (prefaced with a warning of "extremely graphic content") on the "Schilling Show" blog, written by radio host Rob Schilling, begins with President Obama on the campaign trail telling attendees to "argue with them and get in their face," a phrase he used in 2008 to encourage his supporters to talk to friends and neighbors about voting and accurately delivering his message, whether they were Republican or independent.
The clip then shifts to an expletive-laced rant labeled "Actual phone call received at Albemarle County, Virginia GOP Headquarters — September 11, 2012."


Anonymous said...

They've been smearing $hit on America for years... why stop now.
Because you can not polish a turd.
Obama must be neutralized in Nov.

Poop ready sir? said...

Both can play this game people!

Anonymous said...

The Liberals/Demorcrats are all just a bunch of spoiled babies/brats if they don't get their way. Just today passed a Romney/Ryan/Harris sign and it was partially torn apart. I guess that can't take the heat now that their Boy Obama is falling behind.

Anonymous said...

Oh please your not a real Republican if you don't have a degree six years worth of savings your house and cars paid off no goatee tatoos shop at walmart and have have half breed grand babies the last bastion of white trash assumed entitlement is what the Party now plays just like they did the christians