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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Allstate Won’t Cover My Stolen Instrument Because Sometimes I Get Paid To Play Music

Jonathan is an amateur musician, but not so amateur that he doesn’t play the occasional gig for pay. He didn’t think that this should matter if anything happened to his instrument, and Allstate didn’t say anything when he took out an additional rider on it as part of his renter’s insurance, with theft protection. When his car was stolen, he recovered the car but not the instrument. In theory, it should have been covered. Jonathan says that they refuse to pay because he does play for compensation on occasion, and the company refuses to budge.



Anonymous said...

He left a $5,000 instrument in his car...I'd probably would have kept that one pretty close. Maybe there's a little more to the claim.

Anonymous said...

He maybe realized 5 grand was lil' high.

Anonymous said...

Always have your insurance reviewed yearly and remember that any business use is always treated differently. See a reputable agent.

Anonymous said...

the instrument was not equipment of the car and is specifically excluded since coverage can be given elsewhere, i.e. renters policy. However, professional use of said instrument is excluded under the renters policy. A commercial inland marine policy would afford the proper coverage.
Call Obama for a bailout.