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Thursday, September 27, 2012


U.S. Army Lieutenant General (Ret.) William Jerry Boykin claims that individuals with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood hold security clearances in both the Pentagon and the Department of Defense. Boykin says Republicans should have listened to Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn), who was correct to be concerned over possible Muslim Brotherhood ties of Huma Abedin, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff. Boykin says politicians on both sides of the aisle are scared to pursue the truth on this, for fear of being branded "intolerant," and the result of their inaction is continued infiltration by the radical Islamic organization. He claims that people with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood hold important positions "in every major federal agency." Boykin was one of the original members of the Army's Delta Force, served in clandestine operations for the CIA, and was formerly a Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. Source


Anonymous said...

Let the enemy run amuck within our intelligence community. But dang sure got a picture of your car speeding, or drifting through a stop sign!

Things that make you go, ummmm

Anonymous said...

Of course they have. They saw the clueless wonder bloviating about how he was such an expert on the Muslim culture since he lived there as a child and backpacked through Pakistan.
They took advantage of his ignorance and prevailed. They had him all jazzed up with this Arab Spring baloney and he fell hock line and sinker for it. Talk about a "putz."

Anonymous said...

watch tonight at 8pm to get the complete story.

there are other avenues to get info on how and where the muslim brotherhood are in our government agencies in the highest ranks, including the white house.

Anonymous said...

At this point they need to be neutralized if known after their true leadership is outed.
They are spies. Period. Even if they were appointed by Obama.
The FBI needs to step it up to eliminate this threat instead of the media prizes of model airplane bomber and car bomber set ups.
That's domestic.
The CIA needs to take the lead internationally and start being productive. We as a nation are taking too much crapola from the rest of the World right about now.
Time to reassert the position in the World that we have EARNED.
We are on a path to third world status with Obama, relenting to Islam, Communists/Marxists on all fronts.

Vote Romney and restore integrity and respect for America.