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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Watch these videos from Spain and Greece from today. Do you think the solutions being implemented by central bankers, government bureaucrats, and corrupt politicians across the globe are benefitting the common man in any way? Everything that has been done since 2008 has been done to benefit the criminal bankers and politicians that created the crisis in the first place. Every solution has had the purpose of enriching bankers at the expense of the common man. The common man has had enough and is now in full revolt in Europe. This is a preview of what is coming to America. This is why you see the military like preparations going on across the land. This is why military “exercises” are being conducted on our soil. The ruling oligarchs know what is happening. The clueless masses are still distracted by the X-Factor and the NFL referee crisis. I wonder why I had to track these down on Russia Today rather than CNN, MSNBC, ABC, or CBS?


Anonymous said...

The sheeple want to remain asleep but when the 47% + vote for Obummer and Baffoon, they will awaken to find themselves herded like the sheep they are. What do they think the millions of hollow point bullets purchased by all the government agencies are for (even the social security department got 1.2 million rounds). I guess that last shipment is for us baby boomers when we demand to know where our money is that was sucked out of our paychecks for a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

The easy way out is to let these private central banks go out of business. Either cause them to be insolvent, or revoke their charters.

The Fed charter is up in 2013. They received a 100 year license to print our money in 1913. The peaceful thing to do would be for congress to not renew their license, so they can actually create our own money again.

Anonymous said...

Everybody needs to bue a cheap motorcycle helmet, a couple backpacks with big (not thick, heavy) books for them, gloves, earplugs, a NIOSH respirator, safety glasses, and save up those old bottles somewhere for future use. A good club, a .22handgun and PLENTY of ammo. Just in, for WHEN THE shtf.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a fairytale...Chicken Little.

Anonymous said...

The only way we can stop this from happening in America is to vote Obama out. He said he wanted to change America, but he meant was to destroy America. Remember, people in Spain and Greece are not allowed to own guns, therefore the people are helpless against corrupt police.

Anonymous said...

Dear 3:50

An excellent remedy for the problem however the problem with that plan is the communist moslem and the internationalists that are running our country are in collusion with the central banks. The economic destruction of our country is a must for their plan of a worldwide socialist government where the governed are all equally poor and the socialist elite have ultimate power.

Anonymous said...

when suzie, sally and billy lose their cell phones and food stamps, we will see riots in our streets as well.

it's very hard to ween the "bottle" from the child.

entitlements can't last forever. always remember; whatever the government gives you they can take back of stop at anytime. no more gravy train. truth hurts.

by the way; these comments are NOT intended for those who absolutely can't work. if the shoe fits, wear it.

Anonymous said...

This will not happen here if the Pres wins, It will happen here if he loses. Republicans are generally civilized, and do not act like animals.