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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Food Prices + Hunger Index = Riots, Civil Wars and Revolutions

For every 10 percent increase in global food prices there is a 100 percent increase in anti-government protests, according to a recent report from the International Monetary Fund. Looking at recent price increases in global ag commodities — up about 20 percent so far this year — it’s no wonder there are Arab Fall flare ups (this time directed at America) breaking out across the globe. According to the IMF, a 20 percent increase in foodstuffs should triple the levels of unrest, and that seems to be precisely what’s happening.

The chaos caused by food inflation and hunger back in 2011 was heartwarmingly marketed by propagandists as democratization. Remember the French Revolution and “let them eat cake.” The causa proxima was food inflation, not stupid remarks or films. I hypothesize: Food Price Index + FAO Hunger Index = Riots, Civil Wars and Revolutions.



Anonymous said...

Interesting article, but why then are Americans not rioting? Our food prices are rising too.

Anonymous said...

Under the Obama regime we have seen the devaluation of the dollar like never before. (except for the Carter debacle)
The price of EVERYTHING is higher now than when he took office.
gasoline TWO DOLLARS a gallon higher.
His supporters don't worry about it or care because we the working people in America are carrying them on our backs.
RESET America!
Romney 2012