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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last Surviving Normandy Beachmaster Dies

Joseph P. Vaghi Jr., a World War II veteran thought to be the last surviving U.S. Navy beachmaster who landed at Normandy on D-Day to direct troops, has died. He was 92.

His son, Joe Vaghi III, says Vaghi died Saturday at a retirement home in Bethesda.



Anonymous said...

God Bless Him and all that serve.

Anonymous said...

My Dad was Captain of the 672nd Amtrack that rescued 1500 or so prisiners in the Phillipines, Luzon, and is still alive and proud. but to him, it was just another day at work. wow. God bless him and the crew that is left. Reunions are yearly now, and there are less every year.
God, Bless these people and the ones they inspire to join up. Let's also pray, though, that the wars we chose are defined, winnable, and enable.