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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gallup: Americans Rate Public Schools the Worst Place to Educate Children

A new Gallup poll released today indicates that Americans rate public schools the worst place to educate children.

In the national survey conducted Aug. 9-12, private independent schools, parochial and church-related schools, charter schools and home-schooling all rated higher than public schools.



Anonymous said...

Is anyone listening to me SCHOOL VOCHERS get it on the ballot vote and have the power

Anonymous said...

They must have had Wicomico Board of Education in mind.

Anonymous said...

For this we owe 40 years of liberal democrat socialist control of the Education system.
They have dumbed down standards to the extent that we have lost all credibility on the world stage in k-12 education.
Lowering the bar as they have done year after year has served no one BUT the teachers unions who wish not to be held accountable for poor performance, poor outcome and false reward.
There is one exception, under Mitt Romney's Governorship, Massachusetts schools became #1 in the country.
As unpopular as people want to make it even though it's very evident and truthful to say, Massachusetts has half the black population as the national average which gives them a distinct advantage in statistical testing results.

Anonymous said...

Most people don't understand that the Feds shell out big money for education and wall street wants a piece of the pie. Feds have to convince the public that schools are failing by passing laws like NCLB where every third grade will be reading on grade level by 2014. Since public school has to educate everyone...mentally challenged to the gifted student, that goal is impossible. Wall street thinks that they can make a profit if they run a school. Just more greed involved in government.The human element is being taken out of education, more and more parents don't work with their children at home because they are out working 2 and 3 jobs just to keep food on the table and clothes on their backs.

Anonymous said...

I believe Mitt can and will turn the education system around and it needs to be done sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

been singing this song for 30 plus years. finally the masses are waking up from a long winters nap. this one has been a hard truth to deseminate.

we can turn this around, but it will Never happen with government schools. it must be school choice that include vouchers.