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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is DOJ 'Community Organizing' Occupy Activists at the RNC?

What are uniformed field representatives of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Community Relations Service (CRS) doing assisting Occupy/anarchist activists outside the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa?

Exclusive video captured by Breitbart News during Occupy/anarchist demonstrations outside the RNC Tuesday shows CRS field representatives, wearing DOJ logo polo shirts and hats, conversing with Occupy protesters.



Anonymous said...

Come on, you me and everyone knows it too. The demo-morons are stupid enough to wear hats and t-shirts promoting their allegiance.

Anonymous said...

swooping in to get votes for obama

Anonymous said...

The Obama regime caught red handed.
Why else would a Federal Dept of JUSTICE have a Community relations service involved with this anti American protest mob.
This is exactly what Obama has done all his adult life.
Protest decency and teach people how to rip off the Government.